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Data Defender

by CloudX

The only
App for
GDPR readiness

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Define your company's unique data rules and assess every communication with your customer.

Get started today

Setup Data Defender in minutes

This org-wide application can be installed through the Salesforce AppExchange in minutes.

Add Lightning Components

Drag-and-drop our helpful components on screen and give agents the flexibility to manually fulfill Right to be Forgotten requests or alert them when their communication has violated company data policies.

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Manually search & redact

Setup unique data processing rules through keyword match or regular expression (regex) pattern. Its as simple as creating a Salesforce record.

Automate Violation Tracking

Set Search Term or RegEx rules to run on Email Messages, Social Posts, Chat Transcripts, Chatter and more! These runs will process all inbound communication and display a violation count next to records which contain a violation of company PII or GDPR policy.

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List View Monitoring

View data violations caught by Data Defender in real-time through the list view on any object in your CRM. 

Use Data Defender in Flows

Hook up Data Defender to a Flow or Process Builder to update any field on the record when it triggers a data violation. For example: Escalate cases with keywords of Self-Harm or auto-email cases with keywords of unsatisfaction right away.

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Why Data Defender

A technology first approach to compliance and security

Data Defender is the only solution in the Salesforce ecosystem for data compliance. Its why we have a patent on it!

Data Defender adapts to your business processes seamlessly, giving you control on what your business defines as a data "violation"

Data Defender gives your agents and reps tools to meet your customer's requests to be forgotten.

Data Defender Events record occurrence of data violations for you to use in other platform applications such as Flows, Process Builders and Triggers.


Data Defender works best when all users have access. Therefore, we've eliminated the hassle of assigning perm sets to every user. When you install Data Defender it will become available for all users instantly. If you prefer to limit access, simply use's component visibility feature to control access.

Starts at
$4,800 USD
per month for
unlimited users


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Data Defender
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