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Activity Stream

by CloudX

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The only
solution for tracking 
real-time Salesforce activity

Visualize who is viewing any Salesforce record in real time

Streaming events

Types of events



Visualize who is viewing any Salesforce record in real time



Visualize who is editing any Salesforce record in real time



Visualize and alert anyone idling on a Salesforce record in real time

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Get started today

Setup Activity Stream in minutes

This org-wide application can be installed through the Salesforce AppExchange and sets up for all users in minutes.

Easy-to-place Lightning Components

The Activity Stream package takes minutes to setup. Drag and drop the Activity Stream and Activity Stream Events component on any Lightning record page to begin using right away!

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List View Monitoring

Monitor activity and inactivity en masse through list views across all standard and custom objects in Salesforce. 

Idle Notifications

When a user idles on a record tab for a defined length of time, Activity Stream glows the idle tab orange and presents a count-up clock to the user, asking them to close the tab if needed.  

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Activity Stream Events

Use our custom Activity Stream Events object to build leaderboard reporting. You can even use this object in Lightning Flows, Process Builders or APEX to trigger email alerts and more when a particular user views a record.

Active time & Handle time

Activity Stream is the only Salesforce solution which tracks Active time (how long a tab was kept in view) and Handle time (how long the tab was kept open in total) no matter how the record was created or routed. These treasured metrics are critical for workforce management planning.

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Simple admin settings page

Navigate to your grid launcher and type in Activity Stream to set your streaming preferences. Stream View and Idle activity on all standard and custom Salesforce objects. This org-wide application applies to all of your users automatically.

Why Activity Stream

A technology first approach to security and collaboration

Activity Stream provides an additional level of security on who has viewed or edited a record to identify and prevent misuse of permission sets at your company. 

Activity Stream Events, never lose historical context on who has accessed your records in the past​ and how.

Activity Stream gamifyies the training experience, watch the component grow in size as your users hop into the record you are training

Activity Steam provides monitoring tools for Supervisors to view record access through list views and prompt agents to close idle tabs.


Activity Stream works best when all users have access. Therefore, we've eliminated the hassle of assigning perm sets to every user. When you install Activity Stream it will become available for all users instantly.

Starts at
$2,400 USD
per month for
unlimited users
First Month Free!


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